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Trainers - I've had a few but I never really seemed to get any results! The difference is that Bryony knows what works and how to achieve noticeable results, and she's a 'black belt' in motivation. Bryony is genuinely interested in her clients and their goals. I had to have major surgery in December and she researched the procedure and built a programme to get me fit safely. I have gone from an overweight, lethargic lump to a 'more streamlined me' in about three months. I actually look forward to my sessions and even more to the comments that my friends and colleagues are now making about how well I am looking.

Emma Kane
Chief Executive, Redleaf Communications

I regularly wake up at 5.30am thinking of the training session I have ahead of me with Bryony that morning at 6.30am, with excitement and pleasure! Every session that Bryony has trained me over the last year has brought great results and solid information to build fitness on. A happy, positive start to my day! Her personality and knowledge of her job shines through and I have found the results far superior than any training over previous decades of my life. After serious illness I required medical knowledge, which she has, and someone to equally encourage and push me; she does all this with a smile and warm humour.

Margy Fenwick
Fenwick Department and Fashion Stores

Fitness is so important for me now but what a mental challenge it is sometimes, even when I know it is good for me.

Bryony is excellent at listening and understanding the difficulties my everyday life throws into the path of my fitness programme. This helps when facing my next appointment if I haven’t done anything we planned the last time we met. She then sensitively and skilfully pulls me back on track re-motivates and inspires me to continue.

Her bubbly personality and energy helps to make the session enjoyable and I always leave feeling better about myself.

I would recommend her to anyone. I feel very lucky to have found her and I am much fitter!!

Manager, Local Voluntary Sector Mental Health Service and Counsellor

After failing to motivate myself at the gym and starting to feel that I would never get fitter or thinner, I decided to try a personal trainer. I chose Bryony after listening to many positive comments from others at the gym. It turned out to be a good choice. With her support and motivation, I got fitter and lost weight but more importantly gained self confidence - enough to join a running club and gym classes! The boost to my self confidence and 'street cred' with my son is priceless! I am still a member of the running club and have developed from a slow walker to a proud runner of five miles or more and enjoy it! Thank you Bryony.

Kay Mehrtens
Social Care Inspector

I've been training with Bryony for about a year now and she is brilliant. She constantly changes my training to challenge me, she keeps the training fun and interesting, and pushes me to reach my goals. She'll change your life.

Claire Blake
Financial Advisor

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